DARKON the edge of light

The DARKON design philosophy encompasses two
essential elements. The first is to create luminaires with
architecturally aesthetic design features; the second is
to give consideration to glare control and lamp imaging
aspects of our products. Focusing on these primary
elements, DARKON continues to design luminaires that
can be considered as ‘silent’ or ‘active’. The silent
appearance creates a luminaire that will complement
the built environment. The active appearance creates
a visual statement that allows our products to perform
as strong architectural features. We now have both
functional and aesthetic elements that can be
combined to create a lighting experience that defines
the inhabited space.

To continuously exceed our customers’ expectations
by producing luminaries with architectural and human
attributes using environmentally sustainable materials
and ecologically sound production processes.

Darkon designs and manufactures architectural lighting
products in their entirety. We consider all stages of the
lifecycle of a luminaire; beginning with conception,
fabrication, installation and re-lamping through to the
disassembly and recycling of a product; all the while
considering the energy used throughout the entire
process. Our products are designed to compliment the
built environment and the people who occupy it, while
we satisfy our global responsibility to the environment.




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