Juice Plus+ Health and Wellness, UK and Worldwide

Health and Wellbeing in a capsule!

26 fresh, raw, whole, sun-dried fruits, vegetables, berries and grains dried and encapsulated or put into powderdrink mix or sweetie format. Juice Plus+ is much more than a vitamin pill - it is packed with minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants, fibre, and more.... in fact thousands and thousands of vital natural elements which our bodies need (but sadly do not get from our normal diet) on a daily basis. Distribution in more than 20 countries.

More than 20 gold-standard peer-reviewed independent scientific research papers published to date, from universities round the world, endorsing Juice Plus+ and showing that it does get into the bloodstream, raises immunity, raises antioxidants, lowers free radicals and homocysteine, protects cells and DNA, lowers inflammation, improves the whole cardiovascular, lowers gum disease, and much more. This publication record is absolutely unique - no other food supplement has such a shining record of research.

Juice Plus+ is recommended for everyone, from babies upward - in fact it is even recommended for pregnancy.

This is a highly ethical company and product, with massive benefits for all its customers and offering longterm opportunities for anyone seeking to create a secure financial future. The whole well-being sector is at the beginning of a massive growth period, and now is the time to join the party.

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