Cell Therapy Group

the Cell Therapy Group provides business consulting & related services to companies in the cell therapy & regenerative medicine industry.

Clients: therapeutic, device, service, tools, and reagent companies, pharmaceutical companies, investors, publishers, other consultants, etc

Services: marketing, business development, market analysis & research, sales & lead generation, advertising, project management, business & strategic planning, and other types of services.

The Group

Cell Therapy Group prides itself in an unparalleled breadth of knowledge of the cell therapy and regenmed industries but this certainly does not come from us alone. We have excelled in bringing in the right external team members for different projects as they require - expertise on technical, regulatory, finance, and other matters which are outside our core expertise but fall within the scope of a client's needs. We have an outstanding roster of consultants at our disposal with whom we have worked in various capacities.

Additionally, we have outstanding access to key opinion leaders, researchers, and executives including clinical, scientific, policy, regulatory, financial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, investment, biotech, and other global experts who can be brought in on projects as required.

We also have excellent working relationships with service providers in the industry and can provide analysis of, work with, or help identify and mange CMOs, CROs, facility & quality experts, analysts, modeling experts, reimbursement specialists, clinical design specialists, etc.

While we work predominately in and know best the US market, we also have access to consultants and experts in other markets that can be brought in as needed.

All these leaders and experts are not generalists or even specialists from other sectors but rather people who have worked in or on cell therapy/regenmed projects and understand the critically unique aspects of this industry.

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