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Our computer consultants provide Apple computer lessons & iPad lessons. We also repair iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks & iMac computers in West Palm Beach.

Cobalt Computer Consulting has been offering professional, Apple related, one-on-one lessons and group seminars for over 3 years now. We have trained approximately 1,000 individuals in the Jupiter / Palm Beach Florida area over those years on everything from iPad to iPhone, to Macbook and iMac, from iOS to OS X and everything in between.

We consistently stay on top of the latest Apple technology so that we can inform you of the coolest, newest technology innovations that Apple is adopting and introducing to our world.

We also perform all out of warranty repairs on Apple computers and other devices. We can upgrade your computer with a bigger hard drive, install more memory, replace a logic board, and perform just about any other repair that you may need done.

We have passed a rigorous certification examination with Apple, Inc. The exam, written and designed by Apple, tests several areas of knowledge about the OS X operating system and also the hardware, among many, many other things. The exam is required not only to become certified with Apple, but to become a member of the ACN (Apple Consultants Network), as well as to ensure that a technician (or technicians) at an approved ACN location are capable of performing repairs and diagnostics to Apple’s standards.

As part of the approval process to become an Apple Consultant or to become part of the network, Apple performs a full background check on not only the person applying for the approval, but also the business itself. So you can feel confident of who you are doing business with.

Also, please read our reviews located right on Apple’s website here, as well as our reviews on Google.

Our credentials can be verified on Apples’ website at

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