5% of the world’s population, i.e. more or less 360 million people has disabling hearing loss – these are the figures of the World Health Organization.

There are approximately 70 million deaf people worldwide whose first language is sign language!

We contact the Deaf and the hearing in real time using video connections with sign language interpreters:
- via web browser
- via mobile app

How remote translator works?

Deaf person press the button “Tranlator of sign language” on the clients website. Then video connection starts between a deaf person and certified interpreter. At the same time our system initiate a call with our clients firm. Therefore the deaf person can provide information and description of a problem to our interpreter and then it can be passed to the clients company employee.

Introduction of a remote translator allows:
- professional customer service without a need to employ or hire sign language interpreter.
- to expand your business by opening it to new source of clients.
- to improve corporate social responsibility and build a positive brand image.

Sign language, just like any other language, has its own systematized grammar and lexicon (phrases, expressions). This is a visual-spatial type of language deriving from natural gestures, signs and facial expressions. This is a living language, which still evolves and develops with the civilization progress and the progress of societies.




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