Innova Limited

Innova Limited is a Pan African software development company headquartered in Kenya that specializes in the development of a range of innovative Financial Software Solutions and Tools. Our latest cutting edge software technology, analytical, data processing and reporting tools optimize operations and give our customers a competitive edge.

We specialize in developing software to enable our customers in the capital markets run their operations faster, more efficiently and more securely. Our solutions empower our customers by giving them consistent, up to date and rich visualizations of their businesses at the click of the button. We have built in complex mathematical models, simulations and algorithms that afford the users powerful analytics. Some of these models include Interest Rate Simulations, Risk Metrics (Convexity etc), Immunization Models, Kolmongorov-Smirnov (K-S) Non-Parameterized Distribution (goodness of fit) tests etc.

We integrate our technology with our customers’ existing infrastructure and systems, allowing them to preserve their current technology investments and build on to them to realize their competitive edge. Innova Limited is the leading provider of capital market software in East Africa.

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