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Compass Environmental specialises in providing competitive services in environmental assessment and remediation, landfill assessment, monitoring and management, hydrogeological assessment and groundwater remediation, risk assessment and management.

Compass Environmental professionals have extensive experience in investigating and addressing potential liabilities associated with contaminated land in the context of property acquisition, development and disposal. We are able to conduct all necessary assessments to determine environmental site conditions and tailor them to suit project specific time constraints and environmental challenges.

Compass Environmental Principals have provided due diligence services for numerous clients with diverse business objectives including acquisition and disposal of industrial land, company mergers, property development, and property leasing.

An area of our expertise is in the environmental assessment required to satisfy re-zoning or planning permit conditions, including site assessment and remediation for the purpose of Statutory Environmental Audit under EP Act (1970).

Our landfill related activities include landfill gas and hydrogeological assessments for operating and closed landfill sites, landfill risk assessments (operating sites, post closure and redevelopment), design and implementation of landfill monitoring programs, liaison with relevant authorities regarding compliance, risk and mitigation, and design, implementation and construction quality control of risk mitigation works.

Compass Environmental are members of the Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association and are pre-qualified for environmental consulting services on the State Government Construction Supplier Register, and numerous other Government departments.

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