PA CareerLink of Lancaster County

Formed in 2000 when 14 employment, social service, and educational organizations agreed to work together as one entity at its current Liberty Place location.

The PA CareerLink of Lancaster County is the connecting link between hundreds of County residents who come to the PA CareerLink weekly to search for jobs, upgrade their skills, and look for new careers...and Lancaster County businesses that want to hire them, but the PA CareerLink is much more than just a job-finding service.

People who come to the PA CareerLink of Lancaster County can use a variety of services, some free and some with a small fee.

- Use the Internet to search for a job
- Create your own resume, print it out, and copy it
- Work on your interviewing skills
- Use the telephone to start a job search
- Talk with a career counselor about your career objectives
- Get information about careers
- Take a skill assessment and aptitude test on the road to becoming Ready2Work
- Work on your basic skills like reading, writing, and math
- Improve your English
- Study for and take your GED exam
- Apply for food stamps and child health programs
- Improve your keyboarding skills
- Learn to find your way around a computer
- Make the connection to higher education

PA CareerLink of Lancaster County Specialists and Counselors are there every step of the way to help people get the most out of the services that are offered.

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