We are a church for all walks of life where the encounter with Jesus Christ transforms - me, you and the world.

The Baptist Union, United Methodist Church and Mission Covenant Church of Sweden have formed a new church together. It's called Uniting Church in Sweden (or Equmeniakyrkan in Swedish). We count 791 congregations throughout Sweden. We are proud of our youth organization equmenia, which, with more than 35 000 participants every year, is the largest Christian youth organization in Sweden.

Internationally, we are affiliated with the Baptist World Alliance (BWA), World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), World Methodist Council (WMC), International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches (IFFEC) and World Council of Churches (WCC). We work closely with over 30 national churches all over the world, and through our development organization Diakonia we are involved in development projects in 35 countries.

Education and learning has a special place in our history, and as a church we are principal stakeholders in six colleges, the Stockholm School of Theology and a national adult liberal education association, Bilda.




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