First Baptist Church of Geneva

Our mission is to reach the people and families of our local community, connect them to Christ and his church and equip them in a process of intentional spiritual growth, so that together we can serve the world in the name of Christ.

From Senior Pastor Brian Coffey:

I like to say that FBCG is like an old adolescent! That is, we are growing older and younger at the same time! FBCG has been part of the history of the Fox Valley for over a century (founded in 1894 by Swedish immigrants) but is currently in a phase of rapid growth that is at one time both exciting and awkward!

The exciting part is seeing so many men, women, and children growing in their relationship with God. The awkward part is that FBCG’ers now worship in six weekend services on two different campuses.

The roots of First Baptist Church of Geneva go back to the nineteenth century when the “free thinkers” or “non-conformists” were banished from Sweden for not conforming to the rules of the State LutheranChurch. As a result, some emigrated to America and started four churches in 1852. That was the beginning of the Baptist General Conference (now Converge Worldwide) with which FBCG is affiliated.




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