WM Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Recovering Value from Medical Waste – Solutions for Healthcare Facilities.
From the operating room to the break room, we give healthcare organizations strategies for managing their waste.

Did you know there’s a company that can sustainably handle every category of waste your facility generates and also strengthen your business success? Rely on Waste Management, North America’s leading environmental solutions company, to responsibly manage your medical and solid waste, recycling, confidential document destruction and more.

Controlling costs
Healthcare customers across the country are achieving sizable cost savings and improving their environmental performance by letting us handle not just some of their waste, but all of it. In fact, we’ve helped businesses like yours recover more than $94 million in value from materials they used to throw away.

Challenging assumptions
From product procurement through treatment, let us help you apply efficiencies in:
- Staff training and education
- Safe handling and collection of your facility’s complex wastes
- Innovative waste treatment solutions
- Recycling options

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Services are provided by WM Healthcare Solutions, Inc., a Waste Management company, except in the State of New York, where services are provided by Waste Management of New York, L.L.C. New York BIC#01146.

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