We Love Skiathos

Skiathos (Greek: Σκιάθος), Latin forms: Sciathos and Sciathus is a small island in the Aegean Sea.

Skiathos Island is easily accesible. High season sees approximately 20 flights daily,direct from most European countries,plus several inland flights from Elefterios Venizelos(Athens international airport).The island may be reached by flying dolphin or ferry boat from mainland Greece.The two ports are Agios Constantinos(an hour and a half’s drive from Athens)and Volos(another hour and a half’s drive north). The fact that Skiathos is accessible directly from most European countries,makes it an ideal resort for someone needing to spend a few days at the office mid-holiday. Excursions around the island are available and boats for hire on a daily or weekly basis.

Skiathos took part in wars against the Persians and in 478 BC,became a part of the Athenian Alliance.Later was occupied by Alexander The Great and then by the Romans.In 1204 was conquered by the Venetians and in 1583 by the Turks.It was then that the inhabitants of the old town,built on the site of present-day Skiathos,abandoned it and constructed on the north side of the island the famous Kastro,perched on a nearly invisible rock.During the Greek War of Independence of 1821,many warriors from Thessaly opposite,took refuge on the island.Skiathos was liberated in 1823.And in 1830,the locals left the historic Kastro and rebuilt Chora.

Skiathos was one of the unknown paradises to be discovered.

Skiathos clearly is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Upon first seeing it visitors must think”how can such a small island have all this beauty?”. When you are getting to know the island, first of all, you have to pay a visit to its picturesque and cosmopolitan Skiathos Town.




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