Cromaris d.d.

Cromaris is a company that specializes in growing, processing and sale of indigenous Adriatic fish and shellfish. We were established in 2009 through merger of Croatian and European aquaculture pioneers. Our fish is present in the European market for over 35 years.

Today, by its production, Cromaris is a leading company on Adriatic sea in farming, processing and marketing of fresh and processed fish. Our core products are the highest native quality white fish species - sea bream, sea bass, meagre, dentex - as well as their processed products which facilitate consumers purchase, preparation and consumption of fish. All of our products feature superb freshness and contain no preservatives or GMO ingredients.

Our mission is to develop and spread a culture of healthy and balanced diet and consumption of fish, fish products and shellfish as an extremely healthy food, taking care of the environmental impact.

Our goal is to become leading company in the european market of white fish - recognized as a leader in quality.




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Public Company

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