Venti Group, LLC

Venti Group develops, manufactures, acquires, licenses and sells intellectual properties that are revolutionary in the Wireless & Technology World. Venti Group operates in more than 160 countries, and their portfolio includes horizontal antenna designs for WiFi in medium to high-end wireless devices, high-gain in-building and outdoor antennas and collinear arrays.

CORE™ Antennas are patented, horizontally polarized antennas that provides an excellent omnidirectional radiation pattern while at the same time being very simple, and therefore low-cost. Check out the entire line of CORE™ Antennas at

CORE™ Antennas provide a new generation of performance, which greatly improves signal coverage and reduces multi-path dropouts and dead spots.

CORE™ Antennas, when compared to today’s signal transmission and reception capabilities, provide a signal that is both consistent and highly efficient.

SLEEV™ RF Suppression Sleeve is a patent-pending solution that creates greater coaxial suppression of spurious noise traveling over the outer jacket of coaxial cables.

PIMCONNECT™ is a technology allowing makers of PIM rated products to connect coax to metal grounds with a PIM rating of 160dBc and better. PIMCONNECT™ is a manufacturing technique that provides an electrical connection between coax and metal grounds that are mechanically and electrically stable. PIMCONNECT™delivers a long-term, repeatable Low PIM coax connection with great performance and cost advantages.

Venti Group is a privately held company represented and owned by engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs, and specializing in technology-related IP.

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