AAPPTec, located in Louisville, KY, USA, is the only company that provides a complete line of peptide products, offering everything from automated peptide synthesizers (Apex 396, Apogee) to related equipment (SharpFreeze-110 freeze dryer); accessories (Spirit HPLC peptide columns) for analytical to semi and preparative, and highest quality reagents (protected amino acids, resins, reagents) for peptide synthesis.

In addition AAPPTec provides all the technical information and instructions for each step of peptide synthesis and purification.

For those who prefer not to synthesize their own peptides, AAPPTec offers custom peptides in quantities from mg to kg, in purities from crude to 98%, all at an affordable price.

Founded by a peptide chemist, and staffed by peptide chemists and engineers with many years experience in the peptide field, AAPPTec understands what is important to peptide scientists and to their success.

The AAPPTec Team's expertise, experience and products define our business.

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