Iris Biotech GmbH

We are specialised in the following areas:

a) Starting Materials for Peptide Synthesis (protected amino acids and unusual building blocks, linkers and resins)

b) Technologies for Drug Delivery:
-> More than 900 different PEGylating reagents
-> some 200 different PGAs: Poly(glutamic acid) as modern drug carrier system
-> PASylation a modern recombinant technology for biopharmaceuticals.

c) Building Blocks for Click Chemstry, used for organic synthesis and rekombinant synthesis as bioconjugation technique

d) Reagents for Life Sciences and Diagnostics
-> Enzyme Substrates and Special Proteins, Diagnostic and Biochemistry Tools
-> Natural Products, with biological and pharmacological activity, like immunsuppressiva: Aflatoxines, Cyclosporines, Geldanamycin, Rapamycin, etc.)
-> Carbohydrates (Derivatives of Arabinose, Galactose, Glucose, Xylose, etc.)
-> Dyes and Fluorescent labels for Peptide Synthesis and Molecular Biology

e) Biocatalysis:
Enzymes and Immobilized Enzymes for Biocatalysis (for fine chemical production, sugar industry and biodiesel production)

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