Hawliau (Welsh, meaning rights & pronounced as: howl-ee-eye) was established in early 2013. Founded by Mike Lewis, who has worked in the Welsh Public Sector since 1983 and is a qualified social worker with a BSc in Psychology, an MA in Social Policy and a Postgraduate Diploma in Management. Mike is currently undertaking a doctorate, entitled Using Human Rights Approaches within the Welsh Public Sector, which is to be submitted in 2014.

Hawliau was setup to provide a driving force for the following in Wales:

Human Rights and equalities in organisations
Service user involvement
Effective use of facilitation and training
Responsible Governance in organisations
Ethics and organisational development
Managing services in the context of Welsh Devolution
Service Design for vulnerable people using Lean approaches

For more information in English please see: http://hawliau.co.uk/en/about

Am ragor o wybodaeth yn y Gymraeg, ewch i: http://hawliau.co.uk/cy/yngl┼Ěn




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