Achievement First

Achievement First is a non-profit charter school management organization that is creating a network of achievement-gap-closing public schools. Achievement First currently operates 32 schools in Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island, serving 9,100 students. Over the next five years, Achievement First plans to open 10-15 additional schools, spanning the full K-12 spectrum and creating college-prep opportunities for more than 12,000 urban students.

Achievement First teachers participate in the AF Teacher Career Pathway, a systematic, coordinated approach to recognizing and developing great teachers as they progress through five career stages. These stages were developed to celebrate excellent teachers and are accompanied by increased compensation, recognition and professional growth opportunities.

Like any world-class organization, we need to provide a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment so that we can attract and retain talented people of any background. We place special emphasis on recruiting and retaining talented staff members who share racial and/or socioeconomic backgrounds with our scholars, because we know that Black and Latino staff members and/or staff members who were the first in their families to graduate from college can be powerful role models for our scholars.

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