Arghos Diffusion

Publishing books or articles in digital format is the first step to take to enter the eBook market. We publish books, collections, articles and other contributions, etc.

(1) As an publishing house officially registered at the AFNIL, we attribute an international (13-digit) ISBN number to publications received. The ISBN number takes the form 978-2-8200-xxxx-x. It is the worldwide standard unique identifier of all publication, whatever its support (paper, digital, etc.).

(2) We layout your ebook , including proofreading, review and improvement of all styles, design of the cover and of the fourth cover.

(3)We issue it in one of the two most popular eBooks formats:
- the PDF format, very comfortable to read on a large screen and giving an visual output pretty similar to a paper book, including fixed page size and page numbering. PDF is adapted to PCs or large tablets such as iPad.
- the ePub format, with a more flexible visual output, where the reader can enhance or reduce font size as well as page size. ePub is pretty suitable for mobile devices, such as iPhone and other smartphones.

None of the standard eBook formats are by default not (or notefficiently) protected againts piracy. This is why we have developed the AEH format, a piracy-protected version of one of the formats above.




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