Food Genius Inc.

Food Genius is a leading foodservice data provider specializing in gathering, preparing, and serving granular foodservice menu data and analytics. We support foodservice manufacturers, operators, and distributors with straightforward and digestible reports, services, and analytics. Our products are used to answer many complex foodservice business questions. From competitive price tracking for optimization to statistical analysis of current burger toppings for the development new offerings, Food Genius has smarter data and analytics.

Food Genius serves nationally recognized companies and brands, including Coca-Cola, Arby’s, and US Foods. As an industry leader in foodservice data and analytics, Food Genius is on a mission to provide foodservice manufacturers, operators, and distributors with the data analytics they need to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Food is a tricky business. The products are difficult to track, information is scantly shared, and much of the industry operates in a fog of speculation. This is partly because, unlike most other industries, foodservice inputs are entirely different than its outputs. What starts off as a chickpea ends up as hummus and somewhere during that transformation, information is lost.

That’s where Food Genius comes in. Through the use of proprietary and advanced technology, Food Genius is able to create a "data-trail" for foodservice products. We understand better than anybody how to match data about foodservice products that are sold to restaurants with the data about menu items which are served in restaurants. By soliciting Food Genius’s powerful data and analytics services, everyone in the foodservice industry - from manufacturers to operators - can understand better how their products are being used and consumed. No more information gaps that cause missed opportunities. No more leaving money on the table.

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