Crisol de Frutos Secos, S.A.T.

Crisol de Frutos Secos, S.A.T. is an Agrarian Transformation Society, which represents more than 16.000 producer-members from Spain of almond, hazelnut, carob, walnut and pistachio. The influence area of our organization covers about 100,000 hectares of tree nuts, of which almost 90% are almond trees. The marketing of the crops of our affiliates is our main objective. However, we offer a comprehensive service to the grower:

·Technical advice on design, implementation and management of plantations.
·Processing of grants and subsidies.
·Administrative procedures relating to farming.
·Analytical agribusiness.
·Food engineering services.
·Agricultural Insurance.

For successful implementation of these activities, we have:

· Network centers and collaborating centers for reception and processing of grown nuts.
· Network of technical and administrative offices with agricultural engineers and agronomist technicians.
· Nurseries almond seedlings
· Distribution of plant protection products and distributing warehouses.
· Agri-food laboratory for soil and plant material. Specialized in fertility and crop-specific nutrition plans.

Headquarters adress:
C/ de la Informàtica, 5.
Polígono Industrial El Prat., RIUDOMS (Tarragona) - P.C.:43.330

Phone: (+34) 977 300 510 - e-mail:

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Privately Held

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