MEDINNEX p.c. (Mediterranean Innovative Experience) group of companies was established in 2014 to offer integrated and innovative solutions in all stages of the supply chain of the food and beverage sector.
Medinnex p.c. through its companies has activities in the areas of:

- Beverage & food product development and innovation
- Design, installation & optimisation of production processes and procedures
- Design & installation of food safety and quality systems
- Distribution & logistics services
- Software development focused on supply chain management

Medinnex creates and develops products based on the added cultural value of the Mediterranean diet heritage and offers those products to the world market. Focus is given to the Greek market and the Balkan peninsula.

Medinnex develops its distribution network through its own group of companies so that services offered are vertically integrated and optimized, their quality is maximized and their cost is minimized, servicing thus in full its own and its clients’ interests.

Medinnex P.C dynamically entered the food and beverage sector with Spirituz, an RTD with 4% alcohol (alcoholic base ouzo), sparkling water and fruit juices targeted to bars, clubs, beach bars and related businesses as well as beverage wholesalers and specialty stores.

Spirituz is the first of a series of brands that are in the research and development stage, a portofolio of products based on the Mediterranean produce but offered with an innovative and fresh perspective.




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Public Company

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