Woodhams Relocation Centre

Since 1991, we have been helping organisations & their employees with successful relocations to, from and throughout Australia. In fact, over 8000 times! We are immensely proud that our first customer from 1991 is still a customer - we feel this is an endorsement that our dedication to our customers' success delivers great outcomes.

All of our staff have personal experience of relocating internationally - giving them a profound understanding of what's involved. Led by Elizabeth and Nick Woodhams, we are committed to the success of every relocation. We offer high quality customer service, delivered with integrity, professionalism and courtesy. Our customers come to us for many aspects of mobility including:

• Relocation Services
• Household Goods Management
• Visa & Immigration
• Short-term Accommodation
• Training & Partner Career Support
• Expense Management
• Policy Design & Benchmarking

Here's who we work with at Woodhams Relocation Centre:

✓ HR DIRECTORS, HR MANAGERS or GLOBAL MOBILITY TEAM MEMBERS - Are you too time-poor to look after the moves of key personnel? Do you worry about relocation cost blow-outs or failed relocations? Does your relocation policy need updating? We can provide up-to-date resources and professional, local intelligence with independent market advice to reduce the costs of a relocation or sell a location to prospective assignees. We are able to customize our services to your organisation's specific needs and can assist in the review and implementation of policy.

✓ RELOCATION MANAGEMENT COMPANIES - Are you looking for a provider who can deliver end-to-end destination services, with after-hours capability and utilitize your reporting systems? We can work with you on process-driven service delivery, ensuring consistent standards and application of policies, and use of key performance indicators and performance reviews.

► If you'd like to learn more, email us today at relocations@relocationcentre.com.au

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