Codebashing | Train, Refresh and Validate your development teams' Application Security knowledge.

Codebashing's platform is an innovative, hands-on, gameified training platform of real world vulnerabilities that focuses on a highly interactive and intuitive learn-by-doing model for application security training, all delivered through the web browser. (Say good-bye to boring slide-ware based training, mundane multiple choice based "learning" and simulated games... without the complexity of spinning up flaky lab environment playgrounds for development teams).

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About Codebashing:-
Codebashing is a privately held e-Learning business headquartered in London, UK. Our SaaS education technology platform is built specifically to teach and train software developers the principles of Application Security in a way that helps them to write more secure software. We achieve this through time-efficient, fun-to-play, and hands-on training modules that are highly engaging for both professional developers and software engineering students.

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