Avenso GmbH (LUMAS | WhiteWall)

LUMAS offers a huge variety of works from 200 established photographers, promising newcomers, and historical archives. By attending exhibitions, conventions and festivals, our Portfolio Management team keeps informed of the latest trends in the art market. This team works with the LUMAS artists through every step of the process; continually develops the LUMAS Portfolio; and identifies new topics, themes and exhibitions. Find more information on https://www.lumas.com.

WhiteWall — The Lab for Photographers
One thousandth of a second determines how a photograph will turn out. Everything must be right: the moment, the composition, the light and the concept. On the other hand, it usually takes several hours to create the perfect presentation for it. But thanks to WhiteWall, selecting the ideal finish for a photograph is a snap. Galleries, professionals and photo hobbyists alike trust WhiteWall for high-quality photographic prints, museum-quality mounting and framing, as well as professional-grade photo books. Uploading and editing photos on our website has never been easier. Best of all, works are always individual: from size to the finish to the mounting. For each choice, the correlating price is available at a glance using the Quick Start and Configurator. At WhiteWall, the focus is on quality and personal attention; every production step is checked from the moment your order is placed until it’s packed and ready for delivery. The combination of technology and traditional craftsmanship guarantees our standard of high quality.

Find more information on https://whitewall.com.

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