Sensibol Audio Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

SensiBol is a pure technology company that provides cross-platform solutions & services using proprietary (patented) audio signal processing algorithms. Our team consists of PhDs and Masters level tech-graduates with a passion for audio & music. SensiBol is funded by the Indian Angel Network and is a graduate of the SINE, IIT Bombay Business incubator.

Our flagship product is an interactive singing interface for mobile/desktop devices. It allows users to
* Sing-along with minus-1 or original music audio/video tracks
* View the highlighted lyrics, in multiple languages, in sync with the music
* Get real-time visual feedback and a rating based on singing proficiency,
* Record and customize their audio or video recording, by adding audio & video effects

The singing interface is available for Android, iOS, IVR, Web & Desktop, and can be used for music of any language. The use cases range across karaoke applications, singing contests & auditions, music education, music-games, and music-related promotional activity. The interface is being extended for application as a reading tutor to aid language learning.

We also offer technology-driven services for the music industry such as

1) Hook/Preview Detection - Used by Radio channels for music research, and Music streaming services for providing customers with previews of songs (audio-thumbnails)

2) Singing audition screening - Used by Reality singing shows, Music contests to shortlist participants of a certain singing proficiency for subsequent audition rounds.

3) Closed-captioning for music - Used by Multi-Channel networks to include same & other language subtitles for music videos

Our clients include Record labels, Television channels, Radio channels, Telecommunication companies, Brands, Multi-channel networks, Music streaming services, Music education providers, Musicians, and language education service providers.

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