MFHA - The Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance

MFHA is an educational nonprofit that helps individuals and organizations build their Cultural Intelligence to deliver better business results.

Whom We Serve
Members and the Industry

Our Approach
“Build culturally intelligent brands and leaders”

Definition of Cultural Intelligence
Cultural Intelligence (CI) is having the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to effectively
and appropriately engage people from different cultural backgrounds to deliver better
business results.

Benefits of Cultural Intelligence
• Increased employee engagement
• Increased innovation and flexibility
• Attract better quality talent
• Improved sales and reduced costs at unit level
• Reduced multicultural risk

Whom We Engage
Workforce, Customers, Community and Suppliers, who make up the “Dinner Table of Opportunity”.

Our Solutions Help Members --
1. Raise the Topline
Sell, Market and Serve Multicultural Markets
2. Improve the Bottom-line
Attract, Engage & Develop Multicultural Talent
3. Build Brand Value
Establish culturally authentic community connections


• Conference, Roundtable & Workshops (Live)
• Webinars
• Cultural Assessment
• eLearning Modules
• Workforce Outreach – Showcase of the Stars™
• Original Research
• Consulting
• Publications

Foundation of our Solutions: Products designed to educate, advocate and connect.
Educate - Cultural Intelligence and professional development training to drive business
Advocate - Promote the career and business opportunities that exist with member
companies for minority talent.
Connect- Help industry professionals connect with each other for informal mentoring
and networking at our events and activities.

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