Golden Fry Sales

Golden Fry Sales ( is here to revolutionize the world in the restaurant industry by allowing businesses to reduce oil expenses & serve healthier fried foods. We sell one simple product. The Golden Fry Tech plate, a 100% Titanium catalyst plate proven to prolong your cooking oil life by 50% - 200%. Your fried food cooks faster & are healthier! Tests show reduction by up to 50% in fat calories while using our product.

Why Use Golden Fry Tech (GFT)

Return On Investment ― 35% to 50% reduction in cooking oil costs

Save thousands of dollars yearly in cooking oil expenses alone! The use of Golden Fry Tech has been proven to prolong the life of cooking oil and reduce related costs by at least 35% to 50%. Plus, foods cook faster and at lower temperatures resulting in residual savings in energy costs.

Reduce Oil Absorption

Reduce absorption of oil in deep fried foods by up to 50%. Golden Fry Tech plates also help food retain moisture by up to 5%. That means tender, delicious food that's healthier for you.

Reduce Fat Calories - Reduce calories from fat by up to 50%!

Less oil absorption translates to less fat. In fact, you can reduce calories from fat by up to 50% by using Golden Fry Tech plates.

Reduced Cooking Time - Lab tests show fried foods are cooked and reduced by up to 34 %.

Serve your customers healthier food, faster then before with our NSF approved equipment plate.




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