Angel's Cafe

Angel’s Café opened its doors in January of 2011 in Georgetown Square. Its owners, Arturo Salgado and Angel Segura, designed the menu with a mixture of comfort American food with a touch of Greek and Hispanic flavors. We pride ourselves in serving homemade food for the neighborhood. Moreover, its décor and ambiance makes you feel like you are sitting in your dining room at home. Finally, if you add the welcoming staff that will treat you like family, Angel’s Café has a formula that will make your dining experience enjoyable.

The owners of Angel’s Café come from two different backgrounds that make a perfect partnership for the restaurant business. Angel has been in the restaurant business for over 15 years; he worked in California, Illinois and the last 12 years in Indiana. Before opening his own restaurant, Angel worked as the head chef at Cosmos Restaurants in Fort Wayne. He is very dedicated and emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction. His motto of serving the meal in less than 7 minutes makes the flow of the new restaurant much smoother.

The other owner, Arturo Salgado focuses on the business side of the restaurant. He graduated with Honors from Purdue University and is currently working on a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). He has a solid financial and business background. Arturo currently owns other restaurants and bars where he is in charge of promotions and marketing campaigns.

The combination of kitchen skills and business skills along with hard work and dedication is key to the success of Angel’s Café. Arturo Salgado, Angel Segura and the rest of the staff cordially invites you to come in and experience it for yourself. For more information please contact us at the information listed below. Enjoy!




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