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What is Uncharted Media Group ?

The funny thing about this FAQ is that we ask ourselves this every week. There is no simple answer because we are always growing and evolving. Our brand is not following trends because we are developing them. We are Multimedia producers in Raleigh/Durham/Cary North Carolina with no specific agenda. We are creative. There is no true growth without change, and change happens everyday. Our goal is to be a part of the change in the world of Digital Marketing. We are not a typical Marketing or Advertising agency because we don't use any specific formula, and we are far from "cookie cutter".

By 2012 I began working under an entrepreneur helping him with business ideas and making TV commercials for companies in North Carolina. I also learned how to become Google Certified as well how to optimize Google Adword and other SMM platforms. I then learned about Google Ranking and how to get sites relevant to Google searches within days to weeks. This skills became very valuable when I started Uncharted Media Group.

My goal with Uncharted is to provide quality design and marketing services to the Cary, Raleigh, Durham, and Charlotte, NC area while also building a network of creative folks to produce Independent Projects. I have a lot of pride in my music and production skills because it was my starting point to create all of this. I have created a new format to the website so you can find my Beats/Production and full Mixed/Mastered singles ..

We work with business and individuals of any size and budget to express our creative ideas and marketing plans, so don't intimidated to contact us. We have got over 800+ hits an hour when we released our "Charles Ramsey" "We Ate Ribs" T Shirts and are always looking for great ideas. We help build brands from the bottom up and don't stop til' we see success for our associates. Uncharted Media Group, Uncharted Media Blog and Uncharted Media Entertainment are our brands with many more on the way.




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