William E Diez & Associates is a leading immigration firm providing advise & assistance to corporations and individuals.

In Australia we have an immigration system of control by which all non-citizens must have a valid visa to enter and to remain when onshore. Without one possible detention and removal will apply.

Australian migration Laws are one of the most complicated commonwealth legislation to understand and interpret. In addition these laws are in constant change. Therefore, to manoeuvre through these complex laws, the regulations, and the Department of Immigration & Citizenship's policies & procedures, it is very important to obtain acreate and up to date professional advise and assistance.

William has the extensive knowledge and experience on all immigration matters. To strengthen your chances in gaining entry onshore, or remain lawfully inside Australia, he can advise, assist or make representation on the following matters whether your inside Australia or in any part of the world:

Student Visas, General Skilled, Business Migration, State Sponsorship, Employer Sponsored, TRA Assessment, Entertainment Visas, 457 advice & representation, Child/Partner/Family, Resident Return Visa, Refusal & Cancellations, Submissions on Character, Minister's Interventions, Immigration Detention, Release & Deportation, In Australia Illegally (Unlawfuls & Exclusions), Migration Review Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Refugee Review Tribunal, Refugee/Humanitarian/Protection Visa, Australian Citizenship Advice & Applications, Attend Immigration Interview with Client, Legal Researcher, Employment & Industrial Relations Consultation, Business Services (marn 0958792)


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