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Scrutinizing security video footage for clues is called forensic video analysis and it's a relatively new field.

Powerful computer programs can now convert images that were once routinely trashed as useless into a clear digital format. The result is so compelling, investigators say, many suspects quickly confess to their crimes when confronted with their digital likeness.

Now a privately-owned Auckland-based company has introduced this NASA-developed state-of-the-art technology to New Zealand.

The VISAR system represents a dramatic advance in our ability to capture and analyze security camera footage, explained Warren Thomas, owner of Video Forensics.

We can now rapidly scan for events, stabilize and clarify images for improved visibility, view pictures in slow-motion, and track subjects of interest through periods of time.

The VISAR system can then produce enhanced video and still images for each scene requested without altering the underlying footage, thereby maintaining evidential standards.

Video Forensics (Oceania) Ltd provides professional forensic video and audio consulting services to some of New Zealand's most prominent organisations.

We take instructions from police and private investigators, corporate and government clients, and members of the legal profession.

We do not take instructions from private individuals.

Member of IFPI (Independent Forensic Practitioners Institute Inc).

Member of LEVA (Law Enforcement Video Association).

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