Tudor India Ltd.(Indian arm of Exide Technologies,US)

The internationally renowned brand of storage batteries was launched in India in 1997 by Tudor India Limited. Tudor India Limited is a subsidiary of CMP Batteries Ltd., UK, which in turn is the British Arm of the world’s largest battery manufacturing group based in Pennsylvania, USA( 3.2 billion-dollars in revenues),Operations in 80 countries with 5 Global Business Units,11 industrial battery manufacturing plants,17 automotive battery manufacturing plants,12 recycling facilities

The group manufactures & distributes a vast range of batteries, including:

1.Sealed Absorbed Glass mat (AGM) & Gel Batteries

2.Batteries with Tubular & Pasted Flat Plates

3.Batteries with Expanded and Cast Grids

4.Lead and Lithium Batteries with Prismatic & Cylindrically Wound Design (Dual Graphite Batteries are under development)

5.Automotive Batteries for two-wheelers, cars, tractors, trucks, construction equipment. The group is also the global pioneer of Sealed Maintenance-free Batteries and batteries for Motive Power Applications




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Public Company

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