Komar Games

Komar Games was established in the summer of 2010 as a game development studio.
The first project of the studio was a Hidden Object Game called “The Secret of Hildegards”.
In 2011 it was decided to go into the mobile market and develop games for tablets and
smartphones. The team had consisted of 11 people by that time.
In 2012 or something near it we started to work on a new big project. At the same time a
holding company called Noosphere Ventures contacted us and offered an investment, which we accepted. We subsequently became a part of this big corporation. The number of people in our team increased dramatically to 35 members.

Before the end of 2013 we had published several big games and one of them, Ravenhill Asylum was mentioned by the head of the Facebook game department, Seon Ryan live on Twitch.tv, as an example of a perfect mix of two genres such as horror and adventure.

In the end of 2013, after 12 months or so of cooperation with Noosphere, we became an independent studio again.
Since then we have been continuing our work in the gaming industry and are not going to
stop. Our latest project, Sci Fi MMORPG Nebula Online, can definitely be called a hardcore game. We continue to develop new projects and delight our players.

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