K&M Computer Services Limited

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K&M Computer Services have a wealth of experience in all aspects of IT Support, Computer or Laptop Repairs and Servicing.

Computers develop problems, that's the way technology is for us all. Your computer may give you reports of an error that troubleshooting can't fix. When this happens it's time for a more technical diagnosis or repair. When you find that your computer is infected with a virus or spyware it can be a stressful time, you may lose work or your computer may run slow, programs may not respond the way they should. You may feel helpless because you don't know how to fix them. That's where we come in. One phone call or E-mail and we will soon sort your computer and get rid of these problems. Computer repair can often come with stress, because the source of the problem isn't always obvious. It could be the hardware, the software, or both? This is where we are offering fast and hassle free computer repairs, we can fix the problem, in a lot of cases onsite in your home, workplace, or if the problem is more complicated at our lab, the choice is completely yours.

We cover a large variety of operations

From cleaning the internal parts of your computer system.
Carrying out regular Maintainance
System Backups.
Updating Antivirus and Anti-malware programs.
Performing De-Fragmentation.
Disk Cleanups ETC.
Computer Repairs.
Laptop Repairs.
driver updates.
virus removal.
security updates.
data recovery.
hardware and software installation.
hardware and software updates and upgrades.

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Self Employed

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