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Myth Innovations, Inc. created the Mi World™ Portable Computing System (PCS), a brand-new product that will forever change the way you use your digital devices. Our "eight year-old startup" has taken our expertise in creating large-scale networks and server solutions and used that to redefine the way you think of a "supercomputer." We are inventors, technologists, and experienced industry executives.

Mi World™ PCS is a secure, portable supercomputer, media server, hot spot, personal cloud, and media streaming solution – all in one device that fits in the palm of your hand. It allows you to carry, connect to, and share your digital world (music, videos, games, applications, files, pictures, etc.) anywhere, anytime – with or without the internet.

With the new Mi World™ PCS, Myth Innovations, Inc. is introducing consumers to cutting-edge technologies and enabling people and businesses to establish their personal, portable, secure digital ecosystems - in effect, giving them a mechanism to create their own distinct worlds. The Mi World™ PCS allows users to share and stream ANY file across any operating system without internet, wifi, HDMI cables, remotes, etc.

Myth Innovations, Inc. started in 2004 as a consulting group that designed and delivered a broad range of leading edge technologies, many of which are considered to be early versions of commercial products and software being used today. Examples include: large area wireless mesh networks, LAN-based gaming centers, mobile LAN gaming solutions, IP-based video surveillance, gaming PCs, large custom storage array designs for the consumer market, whole-home entertainment networks, and home media servers.

Innovation and invention are the cornerstones of our past and our future. It is our never-ending goal to change the industry's perceptions of what is possible - in effect, turning myth into reality.

Our goal is to fundamentally change the way people interact with the PC, mobile devices, and each other.

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