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Seinet is leading the way in developing innovative digital publishing platforms for education and media. Our solution: Xtent, the first multi-channel collaborative content authoring platform designed specifically for the media and education sectors, Xtent’s powerful workflow makes it easy to create books, courseware, and interactive assessments in multiple formats including HTML5, PDF, ePUB and SCORM. xPad is an innovative platform that allows you to distribute, license and monetize branded digital editions for desktops and all devices.

Seinet was founded in 2001 with the clear mission to deliver a “create once, publish anywhere” world-class content management solution. Our systems, employed by media and educational publishers the world over, combine cutting-edge technology with innovative workflows to reduce the number of manual interventions required to publish and distribute content to any device, anywhere in the world.

Our success in traditional print media, such as newspapers and magazines, led to our Xtent system being chosen to power Agfa’s ApogeeMedia integrated workflow in 2006, and it’s been used globally by the publishing and print industry ever since. In 2008, we started applying our expertise to help educational publishers meet the increasing demands for high-quality digital content creation. And three years later, we moved things on further by providing services that cater specifically for the complex needs of the e-Learning sector.

As the only content management system (CMS) supplier to integrate both publishing and e-Learning functionality, we’ve improved the efficiency and productivity of publishing and digital distribution in the educational and media industries by developing innovative, flexible and robust platforms.

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