Turku Science Park Ltd

Turku Science Park joins together the academic and business experts. Its special focal areas are biotechnology and ICT. It offers a unique growth environment for the commercialisation of research-oriented innovations and for the generation and growth of enterprise activities related to high technology.

The elements needed for success are present in Turku Science Park. The 5 qkm Science Park -area locates universities, numerous high tech -companies and other service providers all closely together. The innovation process is like decathlon: it requires endurance and mastery of many skills.

The company responsible for overall development of the Science Park -area and activating the numerous players from many fields targeting the common goals is Turku Science Park Ltd.

Turku Science Park Ltd is actively networking with national and international expertise clusters. We have e.g. a co-operation agreement with the german Technologiepark Heidelberg GmbH, one of the best-known clusters of biomedical business and research expertise in Europe and with the world-famous swedish Karolinska Institutet we have a joint venture company, Biocelex Ltd. The company provides innovation and business development services for the internationalisation and growth of biotechnology business.

Our genuinely urban science park is one of the largest, oldest and still fastest growing in Finland.




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