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NIK is an international company with more than 13 years of experience in the field of precision agriculture. We have been operating in Bulgaria and Romania, providing the highest level of precision farming expertise to our customers.
Our main goal is to assist our clients with building and managing modern farms, as we provide them with products and services that maximize revenue and minimize costs.
Our portfolio consists of several world-known brands such as: Trimble, Valley, Pessl, Berthoud and etc., and several own brands among which are GeoSCAN, AgroBalance, TechnoFarm and others.

Trimble - displays for navigation and steering systems for the vehicle and the equipment.
FarmWorks - software for management of the farm.
Berthoud - self-propelled and trailed sprayers from the french company with over 120 years of traditions in the industry.
Norac - systems for control of the wings of the sprayer
Valley - the american company is a leader in mechanized irrigation with over 55% market share. On the Bulgarian market NIK offers pivot, linear, corner and variable rate irrigation systems.
Pessl Instruments - meteorological stations that provide forecast, tracking of the climate history and easier planning of the agricultural activities.
TechnoFarm - software that supports farmers with the farm management, mapping of the farmland, organizing contractual relations, applying for subsidies from the government etc.
GeoSCAN - the program presents unique capabilities for integration between crop monitoring, using high resolution satellite imagery, complemented with soil and plant tissue sampling maps, accessible directly from the web-platform or the mobile application.
AgroBalance - is a service package which includes automated soil sampling, soil and plant tissue analysis, fertilization recommendations and consultancy.

For five years we have been honored with the Trimble Award for developing and promoting precision agriculture in Bulgaria

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