Technoboard Sp. z o.o.

About us

TechnoBoard invests from subsequent funds with a fixed life time span of 2-3 years. These funds are raised with 1-2 years between them and the limited partners, who invest into TechnoBoard capital funds.
We invest in ambitious and visionary start-up companies who produce innovative, interesting e-business and e-commerce research-based or knowledge-based ideas. Our invest process is in seven steps grand access to the next. From this we narrow down 300 proposals to 4-5 investments in each 8 month period.

Business Proposal

We invite private equity and venture capital investors with the objective of purchasing, managing and divesting in unquoted and quoted emerging e-business from Poland to global scale.
TechnoBoard gives a lot of initial support to young creative groups and people with interesting and innovative concepts to develop their early stage ideas to profitable companies.
TechnoBoard invests maximum 200K EUR capital per one selected project which is a reasonable and effective amount for the first round.
Main goals of the next round per project are:
- capital exits through branch investors and private equity
- capital exits through stock exchange
- capital exits through mixed-forms, including management buyout etc.
We are open to new synergistic cooperation and for the next step of development of our companies.




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