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In August, 2004 Scott MacLean, a computer consultant in Toronto, Canada began tinkering with his XM Satellite PCR. Scott was one of the first developers to realize the power of writing custom applications to get more use out of his satellite radio subscription. A hands-on kind of guy since childhood (did we also mention he has his commercial pilots license), Scott began writing a program to capture live events that were being broadcast on XM when he wasn’t around.

Scott decided to explore cyberspace to see if anyone was doing anything similar so that they could trade tips. He posted his concept and was immediately overwhelmed by other XM satellite subscribers that were interested in his developments. It turns out that no one else was doing what he was.

Always an entrepreneur, Scott decided to start charging a few dollars for the early version of Timetrax. Requests for new features came pouring in, and Scott was spending more and more time implementing those ideas for his growing throng of users. Soon the media got wind of this new powerful way to control your XM satellite radio. Interest ballooned. The software matured, its value went up – the beginning of Time Trax Technologies was born.

Elliott Frutkin, a seasoned software company executive in Washington, DC read a news article about Scott and his Timetrax software. Elliott’s longtime business partner Harry also independently stumbled upon an article about the new rage. At Harry’s encouragement, Elliott contacted Scott in Toronto.

Before long, Scott was on a plane to Washington, and on a handshake, Scott, Harry and Elliott put together Time Trax Technologies. (They’ve since legaleezed everything – don’t worry!)

The team has been hard at work ever since. Time Trax Technologies has filed a patent and has several more in process. Scott’s hobby has been transformed into an innovative hardware and software powerhouse.

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