Borg Energy

BORG is the Renewable Energy Company which gives product to preserver the Ecosystem.

It is the alternative energy company offering a micro power plant to the people, harnessing Solar and Wind power. As a company, BORG believes in offering innovative, efficient and effective turn-key products that work towards empowered and inspired living through continuous evolution.

The BORG story began over a decade ago in NASA's Heliophysics Science Laboratory in Washington DC, USA.Extensive research and development created a revolutionary product line-up of alternative energy options based on smart on and off-grid technologies. Now headquartered in Houston, Texas, where our in-house design team and state-of-art assembly lines are based, we are committed to making alternative green power a way of life across the world. All our products are CE, ISO, UL, and IEL certified, and tested by all international quality standards. With a presence in North America, Europe, South Africa, China, and South East Asia, BORG is proud to unveil its range of products, specially developed and customized to meet the needs of the Indian people.

We strive to deliver 'Power to the People' by connecting the people with technology that offers an empowered and inspired living.

Our mission is to create and deliver a life changing experience through integration, inspiration and innovation.


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