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Everything began with the hardware store which has been established by S. Mehmet Nakıboğlu. At 1960’s when the plastics sector became popular, Nakıboğlu family began to sell PE films and agricultural films for greenhouses. This is the foundation of the NAKSAN Holding. Today NAKSAN with its production capacity of 200.000 tons / year, its over 2000 employees and strong economic structure, it turned into a global company which has activities in the domestic and international market.
Since 1995, NAKSAN is listed in the top 500 companies list of Turkey. At year 2006 NAKSAN was 136th biggest company in this list. At same year NAKSAN is listed as 25th biggest company of Anatolia.
NAKSAN Holding, who serves the same quality products and services to its customers without discriminating their economic scales, following NAKSAN Plastik by adding NAKPilsa and Royal Halı into its body, it succeeded to meet its interest, energy and high standards to larger audiences. After year 2000’s, in which the 3rd generation of the family joined in the active administration, NAKSAN, with its strong organizational structure, big market share and worthy cooperations, is determined to stay on top of this proud list.

Naksan Plastik
Naksan Plastik has been producing flexible packaging materials since 1979. Our premises are covering an area of total 330.000 m2, 170.000 m2 of which is closed area. Naksan Plastik, as being the most important suppliers of lots of companies both in Turkish market and in International markets, is in the first place among the Association of Flexible Packaging Manufacturers. When compared according to the production capacities Naksan Plastik is the biggest manufacturer in Middle East and East Europe and 3rd biggest in whole Europe. As an environment conscious manufacturer Naksan Plastik, who always acts according to the necessities of its responsibilities, is a member of ÇEVKO – Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Utilization Foundation.

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