Rainwood Policies & Procedures

Rainwood Policies & Procedures is based on a commitment to excellence and a passion for providing policies and procedures to employees that need them, when and where they need them, and in a way they can quickly understand and follow. Policy programs designed on these principles:
> increase employee satisfaction and policy compliance;
> meet regulatory and accreditation requirements, and support company objectives;
> reduce the cost of outdated policies; and
> correctly match writers with subject matter experts.

Rainwood Policies & Procedures partners with clients, large and small, to provide a range of services that helps them develop and manage a successful policy program. The type and level of service depends on the client's need - from high level strategies they can implement themselves, to hands-on assistance in developing and implementing policy programs. We work with clients to set up policy programs that are compliant, cost effective, employee focused, and meet their unique needs.




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