Savola Group

With 5.34 billion Saudi Riyals and over 30 thousand employees, Savola shined as the biggest investment holding group in the Middle East and North Africa, specialized in foods and retail.

Following a goal-oriented futuristic vision and the understanding of a brand’s role in a consumer’s life, the investment organization established in 1979 became a living proof of creating sustainable value when developing and expanding investments based on a unique set of values owned by the group.

Savola owns leading brands for foods like Afia Oils, Al Rawabi Ghee, Al Osra Sugar, Al Malikah Pasta and others.

In retail, Savola’s investment in Panda, Hyper-panda and Pandati is an example for well-planned expansion and dependability through providing the consumers’ basic needs.

Savola also made sure to have successful and fruitful investments with other leading local brands like Almarai Company for foods, beverages and dairy products, and Herfy fast-food chain. The group also makes sure that such investments are beneficial for the group itself and its partners.

When making decisions, Savola depends on a set of deeply-rooted values paired with a managing methodology famous for having years worth of experience and a history full of financial success.

Therefore, As we provide our investors with fruitful investments, we commit to equally benefit ourselves and our partners; and the necessity of delivering value to our employees through supporting their improvement and offering them a positive and caring work environment.

Product, quality service, and a great customer experience are the value we provide our consumers with. Not forgetting, of course, that the communities we operate within have their share of value.

Today, after more than 37 years of continuous success and stability, Savola proved that the only way to create sustainable value for everybody is by offering value based on a solid foundation of values.

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