Martijn de Bont Music Productions

As a professional music composer, my work has been used in thousands of projects worldwide, from commercial advertising campaigns (Zippo, Harley Davidson), logo ident reveals (Bangshock Media), product presentations (AMD / ATI), feature films (Wingold Corp, Vantis Pictures, Genesis Flux), movie trailer productions (Sophies Fortune, The Rift, Kryption) and video games (Horde Core, Minecraft). My latest work can be heard in an upcoming feature film named "Deadtime" by Wingold Corp. Productions.

✔ Epic, Dramatic, Cinematic Film scores / cues,
✔ High quality modern hybrid trailer music,
✔ Soft, emotional "Hollywood' style underscores,
✔ Inspirational, motivational corporate and advertising tunes,
✔ Sound effects and foley sounds.

My main focus at this point is extending my Royalty Free portfolio which is hosted by Audiojungle:

This portfolio contains close to 100 royalty free music items, including trailer intros, film score cues, logo reveals, motivational uplifting advertising music, industrial soundtracks and much more. Out of almost 10.000 composers, I am currently ranked in the top 40 with well over 2200 sales and an all round 5/5 rating.

Though my main focus is to extend my royalty free music portfolio, I am always on the lookout for custom music production jobs and oppertunities. Please contact me if you would like to learn more about what I could do for you.

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