Fast Track Taxonomies

Our goal is to help you make a head start in organising your unstructured information by providing a series of domain specific taxonomies.

Why organisations need Taxonomies?

To obtain meaningful information, unstructured data needs to be structured through the use of business relevant Metadata; a taxonomy. A taxonomy gives an organisation the ability to categorise and store information in a way that is consistent and meaningful to the business, making information more findable and valuable.

Most organisations recognise this value but many find it it difficult and time consuming to start from scratch and develop a meaningful taxonomy without some start point or straw man to drive discussion and development of a business specific categorisation.

How do we help solve the problem?
We provide a range of cost effective "quick start" taxonomies which provide a starting point for on-going development by client organisations. We have developed a number of general and industry specific taxonomies and controlled vocabularies. Our aim is to assist clients organise and structure their content systems to prevent them from becoming “digital landfill sites” and enable “findability” across the information of the organisation.

We differ from our competitors in terms of pricing (we are much more cost effective with a simple one-off price per taxonomy) and because we sell the taxonomy once without on-going licence fees or further updates. In our experience, most organisations take a standard taxonomy and shape it to their requirements, therefore having limited use for revised future versions of the standard taxonomy. In the event that a client wanted the latest version of one of our taxonomies, we would provide it for a low cost administration charge.

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