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Papua New Guinea's newly launched (20th March 2010) Internet Service Provider is truly a difference maker. Telinet is a Retail Business Unit of Telikom PNG Limited. It provides the fastest, superior, high quality , and very competitive rates on its broadband Internet service products all around the country.

Providing super fast internet connectivity and managed corporate solutions to major corporations on fiber, ADSL, IP-VPN, 3rd generation wireless EVDO dongles, 4th generation wireless (WiMAX) and IP-VPN and Lease Lines all across the country.

Our services goes right down to the basic email solutions, web, DNS and data hosting, static public IP addresses for secure remote business connectivity for a low value of K10.00 per month.

Telinet was and continues to be the fastest growing ISP in Papua New Guinea after its first year of operation.It is the only ISP in the country with wider coverage and distribution unlike any others.

Wowing corporate customers and individuals alike with very high speed services at remarkably fast turn around times (delivered within 48hours) on certain flexible Usage Plans. Telinet picks up the budget conscious 500MB plan user, everyone in between and all the way up to the Tera Bytes users. It's the "customers calls the shots era for us - Telinet makes it happen - to anyone, anywhere in Papua New Guinea !

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