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Mathnasium is not just for kids who love Math. If your child is math-phobic, I have something important to share with you: Kids don’t hate Math, they just hate being frustrated and intimidated by Math. You will see a huge change in your child’s attitude toward the subject once Math starts to make sense to them. Many Mathnasium parents see this remarkable change one to two months after the child starts coming to Mathnasium. With a few exceptions, our students do not dread but look forward to coming to Mathnasium.

Whether your child needs a little catch-up help or is not challenged enough in their Math class, our highly specialized Math Instructors will create an individually customized Math learning plan for your child’s success. We are offer a no risk free trial. No enrollment fee, no assessment fee, no strings attached. Watch your child’s attitude about Math change.

Mathnasium is not a group class. The Mathnasium method revolves around eyeball-to-eyeball instruction individualized to your child’s learning plan, learning style and learning pace. While your child is doing independent work or practice, the instructor can be helping up to two other students in the same pod. This keeps the tuition affordable while maintaining the one-on-one teaching format which is so crucial to explaining math for some students. Per session cost starts as low as $34/hour depending on grade level and frequency of visits.

Newton location
49 Winchester St. (Create-A-Cook Building)
Newton, MA 02461

Wellesley location
873 Worchester St (Rt. 9 West Ramp Behind Fells Market)
Wellesley, MA 02482

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