Spectrum Licenses Acquisitions I, Inc.

Spectrum Licenses Acquisitions I, Inc. is focused on raising Venture Capital or Angel Investors capital to assist it in acquiring 800MHz wireless/broadband licenses Sprint/Nextel must return to the FCC in the coming months. The application services provider offers a 90% money back guarantee of acquisitions success!

Once acquired it will enter them back into service, through Smartcomm, L.L.C., in a joint venture with other license holders, with a major wireless firm like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile.

Consumers and industry have made the decision to go wireless as evidenced by the enormous and continuous sales of smartphones, iPads, phone applications and government mandate of a new “Broadband Plan”. This business is part of the “new U.S. wireless infrastructure” ready to burst at the seams.

Owning a portion of 800 MHz spectrum with this Radio Frequency propagation spells long-term cash flow and true wealth creation for the license holders. It does not get any cheaper to acquire than this.

Lease revenue to share with investors annually is 4 times initial investment.




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